Brass Knuckles Do-Si-Dos Indica

Swing yer partner and enjoy the incredible flavors and potent effects of Brass Knuckles’ Do-Si-Dos Cartridge. Brass Knuckles extraction artists begin with premium Do-Si-Does flowers, capturing the strains essence both in taste and experience. A few puffs of this cartridge delivers a complex yet complementary terpene profile, expressing sweet notes with lime, mint, pine, and spice. This cartridge will leave you with a soaring mood and in deep euphoria as the soothing body-high delivers penetrating relaxation.

Brass knuckle Cookie Cartridge Hybrid

Put your hand in Brass Knuckles' cookie jar with this Cookie Cartridge. This Brass Knuckles creation is concentrated and potent, specially formulated to retain the natural Hybrid terpenes and cannabinoids found in the Cookies plant. Fall into a state of relaxation thanks to Brass Knunckles Cookie cartridge. Cartridges work with most standard vape batteries.

Gushers by Connected Cartridge

ush over the explosive flavors of Brass Knuckles Gushers by Connected Cannabis. Crafted for the true connoisseur, Brass Knuckles extracts Super Premium CO2 from Connected Cannabis flowers to capture the natural terpene flavors that will surely light up your sense. It smells and tastes like a sweet, fruit-goo filled candy but don’t let her flavors define her. The Hybrid effects will keep you balanced with a fast-paced euphoria followed by a rush of relief alleviating pain and tension

Brass Knuckles SFV-OG Cartridge Indica

Brass Knuckles’ SFV OG Cartridge is a sativa-dominant hybrid with potent pain relieving effects. This earthy strain balances the cerebral effects while keeping users calm and cool ideal for users experiencing stress, pain, and loss of appetite.

Brass Knuckles Candy Apple Cartridge Sativa

Brass Knuckles’ Candy Apple Cartridge infuses tart apple flavors into a potent, finely extracted cartridge, perfect for medicating on-the-go. Replace energy drinks with this sativa-dominant hybrid cartridge designed to stimulate creativity and provide long-lasting energy while keeping users content.

Brass Knuckles Grape Ape Cartridge Indica

Indica heavy Grape Ape concentrate offers grapy flavored relaxation and ease. The effects are euphoric and cheerful.

Brass Knuckles Sour Diesel Cartridge Sativa

Classic Brass Knuckles’ Sour Diesel Cartridge is known for its fast acting cerebral effects easing stress, pain, and depression. This pungent sativa delivers an energizing diesel aroma leaving long-lasting eccentric relaxation.

Brass Knuckles Forbidden Fruit Cartridge Hybrid

Brass Knuckles’ Forbidden Fruit Cartridge showcases a deliciously smooth flavor profile that resembles pine needles and freshly picked berries, accentuated with a tart, lemony finish. This pleasantly potent indica dominant hybrid concentrate will leave patients feeling uplifted and satisfied, providing the full effects of Forbidden Fruit in a convenient cartridge form.

Brass Knuckles Tangie Cartridge Sativa

Flagrantly filled Brass Knuckles’ Tangie Cartridge captures the astounding citrus aroma in a potent cartridge. This sativa is a heavenly cross between California Orange and Skunk energizing while euphorically uplifting users into a calming relaxation.

Brass Knuckles Strawberry Cough Cartridge Sativa

Experience the fragrant aroma of fresh strawberries with Brass Knuckles’ Strawberry Cough Cartridge. This potent sativa blend invigorates senses uplifting users cerebrally providing a wave of euphoria leaving users happy and smiley.

Brass Knuckles Jack Herer Cartridge Sativa

Brass Knuckles’ Jack Herer Cartridge packs the spicy, pine-scented flavors into a premium cartridge delivering powerful sativa effects. This dymanic cross between Northern Lights and Shiva Skunks uplifts users into a blissful euphoria eliminating stress.

Brass Knuckles Blueberry Cartridge indica

Relax with Brass Knuckles’ Blueberry Cartridge. Taste the overwhelming blueberry bliss and let this indica marinate your mind combining euphoric vibes with long-lasting, potent effects relieving pain and stress ideal for users experiencing discomfort.

Brass Knuckles Blue Dream Cartridge Sativa

Brass Knuckles’ Blue Dream Cartridge is a sativa-dominant hybrid with sweet, explosive berry flavors releasing into the air. Experience full-body relaxation with a gentle cerebral jolt easing users into a calming euphoria.

Brass Knuckles Gelato Cartridge Hybrid

Brass Knuckles' Gelato Cartridge offers patients sweet and fruity flavors coupled with tranquilizing body effects that effectively nullify pain. This rich indica dominant concentrate packs the full taste and potency of Gelato in a convenient cartridge form.

Brass Knuckles Tahoe OG Indica

Brass Knuckles' Tahoe OG Cartridge delivers a swift kick of euphoria to the head that settles comfortably into the body, providing long-lasting relief from pain. This calming indica concentrate packs the earthy lemon taste and full potency of Tahoe OG in a convenient cartridge form.

Brass Knuckles Skywalker OG Indica

Brass Knuckles’ Skywalker OG Cartridge is a indica-dominant hybrid that will send users to a galaxy far, far away. Combining the fruity blueberry aroma with the earthy flavors, this strain delivers a euphoric sedation while uplifting users.

Brass Knuckles Abracadabra Cartridge Hybrid

Get the refreshing flavor of lime along with a clean and cerebral high from Brass Knuckles Abracadabra Cartridge. Sporting a slightly green hue, this cartridge delivers in flavor and potency.

Brass Knuckles Gorilla Glue Cartridge Hybrid

This hybrid strain has a chocolatey and coffee flavor profile and cerebral effects. Gorilla Glue Cartridge washes over users with a buzzing body-high.

Grape Ape 1000mg

GOLDDROP 1000mg Cartridge.

Godfather OG 1000mg

GOLDDROP 1000mg Cartridge.

True OG 1000mg

GOLDDROP 1000mg Cartridge.

Girl Scout Cookies 1000mg

GOLDDROP 1000mg Cartridge.

Crazy Gorilla Glue 1000mg

GOLDDROP 1000mg Cartridge.

Strawberry Cough 1000mg

GOLDDROP 1000mg Cartridge.

Bubblegum Kush 1000mg

GOLDDROP 1000mg Cartridge.

Fruity Pebbles OG 1000mg

GOLDDROP 1000mg Cartridge.

Wild Cherry 1000mg

GOLDDROP 1000mg Cartridge.

Lemon Jack 1000mg


Durdan Poison Stainless Steel Ultra

Sativa ultra catridges 100% organic

Granddaddy Purp Stainless Steel 500mg

GOLDDROP Stainless Steel 500mg Cartridge.

Northern Lights Stainless Steel 500mg

GOLDDROP Stainless Steel 500mg Cartridge.

Warlock Stainless Steel 500mg

GOLDDROP Stainless Steel 500mg Cartridge. 1/3 percent CBD

Gelato Stainless Steel 500mg

GOLDDROP Stainless Steel 500mg Cartridge.

Banana kush Ultra 500mg

500mg ultra cartridge indica

Goji OG Stainless Steel 500mg

GOLDDROP Un-cut Ultra Premium Glass Cartridge

Sour Tangie Stainless Steel Cartridge 500mg

GOLDDROP Un-cut Ultra Premium Glass Cartridge

Sunset Sherbert Stainless Steel 500mg

GOLDDROP Un-cut Ultra Premium Glass Cartridge

Kosher Kush Ultra

Kosher Kush Ultra Stainless steel

Grape Ape Stainless Steel 500mg

Gold Drop Ultra cartridge

Super Lemon Haze Stainless Steel 500mg

Gold Drop Ultra 500mg

Strawberry Cough Stainless Steel Cartridge 500mg

Gold Drop ultra 500mg

Grape Ape Stainless Steel 500mg

Gold Drop Ultra

Dutch Treat Stainless Steel 500mg

Gold Drop 500mg cartridge

Lime OG Stainless Steel 500mg

Gold Drop ultra 500mg

Trainwreck Stainless Steel 500mg

Gold Drop ultra cartridges

Skywalker OG Stainless Steel 500mg

Gold Drop ultra cartridges

Girl Scout Cookies Stainless Steel 500mg

Gold Drop ultra cartridge

Bubblegum Kush Stainless Steel

Gold Drop ultra cartridge

Strawberry Banana Afgoo Stainless Steel

Gold Drop ultra cartridges

King Louis OG

GoldDrop Ultra Cartridges

Fruity Pebble OG

GoldDrop Ultra Cartridge

Pineapple Express

GoldDrop Ultra Cartridge


GoldDrop Ultra Cartridge

Lemon Larry OG

GoldDrop Ultra Cartridge

Strawberry cough 500mg

500mg cartridge

Tangie 500mg

500mg sativa cartridge

Bubblegum kush 500mg

500 mg cartridge

Grape Ape 500mg

500 MG GOLDDROP Cartridge

Girl Scout Cookies 500mg

500 MG GOLDDROP Cartridge

Super Lemon Haze 500mg

500 MG GOLDDROP Cartridge

Lemon Jack 500mg

500 MG GOLDDROP Cartridge

Fruity Pebbles OG 500mg

500 MG GOLDDROP Cartridge

Crazy Gorilla Glue 500mg

500 MG GOLDDROP Cartridge.

Trainwreck 500mg

Premium Solvent Free Cartridge 500mg (.5g)

Zkittles l Happy Sticks Indica

Zkittles is an indica mix of Grape Ape and Grapefruit that is crossed with another undisclosed strain. With its pallet pleasing sweet tropical blend of fruit flavors, Zkittles brings a whole new meaning to tasting the rainbow. This rather uplifting strain will have you feeling aware, focused and calm.

God's Gift | Happy Sticks Indica

Bred from the strains Grand Daddy Purple and OG Kush, this grape, juicy strain is precisely a “gift”. With its potent THC content you can await the feeling of relaxation, bliss and tranquility.

Sunset Gelato l Happy Sticks Hybrid

Our 1st place Cannabis Cup Winner puts any stress, tension and anxiety at ease. With its candy-like fragrance and flavor you will experience a jolt of cerebral energy from this indica-leaning hybrid.

Sour Patch Kush l Happy Sticks Hybrid

This strain has an earthy, pungent taste with a refreshing hint of lemon. The sativa dominant hybrid is appreciable from medical patients as it relieves aches, pain and nausea without heavy sedation.

Happy Hippy l Happy Sticks Hybrid

Top quality hybrid that has a sturdy scent of a sweet grapefruit, citrus flavor. Take a pull and get in touch with your Hippy Side. Happy Hippy is a second-place Vancouver Cannabis Cup winner.

Trainwreck l Happy Sticks Sativa

This popular Northern California strain releases a crisp and pure aroma. The sweet lemon and peppery pine scented sativa awakens joviality and creativity as it courses its way through the body and mind. Its high THC content eases patients with anxiety, ADD, and PTSD.

Jack Herer l Happy Sticks Sativa

The sativa- indica combination will give you both the scholarly cerebral elevation and production you wish for. Its uplifting high makes it a great choice for treating mood disorders like depression and anxiety. Its strong body buzz is great for relief of migraines and nausea. This spicy, pine-scented strain will leave you feeling clear-headed and euphoric due to its quality and potency.